#2 Forgotten

Edmonton, Alberta

Isabel was having a bad day already but it was about to get worse.

She ran as fast as she could down Franklin Street with a backpack clenched tightly in front of her. She tripped a few times on the uneven pavement but she didn’t end up falling. She looked back to make sure that nobody was watching her and jolted into an abandoned building. Sirens wailed for minutes but this neighborhood was used to crime. The noise got louder and louder until eventually, a police car pulled up front. The red and blue lights kept flashing but the squealing stopped.

Inside, a frantic Isabel looked around in the darkness. There was a single stream of light peering through one of the boarded up windows. She rushed up the creaky set of stairs and looked outside. When she saw the cops she said out loud,

“How could they know I came in here?”

She jumped when she heard a terrifying “Psst!” coming from behind her. She quickly turned around but all she could see was a long, faint hallway. The two officers outside — Bellamy and Jones — got out of their vehicle. Bellamy took off his sunglasses and called out to his partner,

“10120 Franklin. This is the place.”

Jones, still wearing her shades, looked doubtful and responded sluggishly,

“Sure, let’s go on in and see if anyone’s in this dump.”

They walked up to the front door but stopped when they noticed it was slightly open. Bellamy unclipped his pistol holster and looked straight at Jones — who didn’t appear to be impressed.

“Oh, come on Jonsie! I know yesterday didn’t turn out how we wanted… But he’s got to be in here. You know you can’t wait to bust Pablo!”

Jones chuckled and stood still. She unclipped her holster and scoffed back Bellamy,

“You know that he’s not in here Frank…”

She paused as she kicked the door open. Both of them took out their guns and she asked,

“Why the hell would he come back here?”

© 2017 Gerald Samms. All rights reserved.


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