San Francisco, California

“Just go over there and tell her to get out of the way!”

My girlfriend has always had a pretty bad temperament but today she was being especially short with me. We planned this trip for months and now that we’re finally here, all she has done is complain. I thought she’d be happy.

“Lisa just listen. I’m not going to tell that woman to do anything. Are you kidding me? After I tried to stop that other lady from cutting me in line? People are pissed ever since Trump became President, you know that.”

I was trying to be cute with her but she wasn’t having it.

“If she doesn’t move then I’m just going to have to go over there and smack her with my purse. I want my picture!”

It seems like everyone has lost their damn minds these days.

“OK. Babe… Jeeze…”

I walked right up to the woman and asked her politely,

“Hey sorry, my girlfriend over there wants to get a picture of those houses. Do you mind getting out of the shot for just a minute?”

She responded exactly like I thought she would. She whipped her head around, screamed out and threw her shopping bag at me.

“Why don’t you go tell your girlfriend to go to hell!”

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