Missing you a lot
The thought of your existence
Keeps me warm at night

Following the skin
Towards your little sweet heart
Under the surface

Giving into this
Drifting through this barrier
I’m inferior

Wind blows in my face
Winter has come to town
I fall to the ground

The moon is so close
Can I grab it and keep it
Reach out and steal it

Snow has fallen down
Pavement is getting too slick
Drive safely tonight

Time to be alone
Moments which last forever
But with you time flies

Summer goes away
Far too quickly every year
Bears hibernating

Always wanting more
Feel less like a disaster
When I have my drugs

Leaves are different
The tree has transformed itself
Earth rotates again

Why do I need more
I’m empty and left hollow
Until I find you

Always here with me
Even when you’re gone away
Distance isn’t real

Until you fill me
I’m lost without direction
The cup is half full

Trail of foliage
Water pours over pebbles
My sanctuary

Moving picture box
The television helps us
Thought exposed to light

The elevator
Goes up and down all day long
When will the cord snap

Manipulate the masses
Use their weakness as weapons
Make them hate themselves

My secrets in there
Drifting into the distance
Bottle on water

Patient little cat
Domesticated feline
Pretty fluffy pet

© 2017 Gerald Samms. All rights reserved.