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In a Dream

In a dream, there is no colour
Just blurry snapshots from the past

Every artist paints their own canvas
Using every piece of sadness and sass

That means the world as we know it
Is malleable and completely up to us

We can transform shades of darkness
Into whatever colour that we want.

Broken Heart

If your heart has been broken
You felt love and had it stolen

You feel what it’s like to be lonely
Because you can’t find the one

Maybe you were lied to or hurt really bad
Either way you know what it’s like to be sad.


You’re such a manipulative jerk
You used my heart and stole my work

You treated me like I was your baby
Then tossed me out like left over gravy

You told me that you were not a flake
I believed you then you contradicted yourself

That’s why you’re all alone
In your townhouse with your cat

And your emotions
I hope you’re happy with that.


On holidays I’m always reminded that family isn’t there
They’ve moved on and don’t care

I’m in their past
Not in their now
I’ve got to grow up and find myself

The people who are around me are the one’ that I know
The one’s who really care
The one’s that really show.

The Water

Time slips through your fingers
All that’s left is your thoughts

Find your inner most tensions
And throw them into the Loch.


A moment I didn’t spend with you
Feeling more tired, worn out and used

You had left me alone with myself
I hate that you tortured my soul for wealth

Why couldn’t you have just said
That you and I were over

Instead you kept me hanging
Over a metaphorical Bunson burner

Stained and tainted by your mixed emotions
I’m never going back to how I was

Since I’ve been with you
I’ve changed

Maybe because of you
I’m different

I may act like my feelings aren’t hurt
But they are and you were a jerk

I’ll shout it out when I get the chance and
I’ll tell all my friends what it was like in your pants.

Nothing Changes

Same sounds
Every day
Always here
And nothing’s changed

They’re timeless
In their own presence
Only there to make me restless

When I’m there I just can’t stop
I turn into a total clown
And laugh it all off

I do like to work
It’s really fun

How many more lies
Can I roll into one.

© 2017 Gerald Samms. All rights reserved.